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Physical Therapy in The Woodlands, TX

Orthopedic physical therapy involves the rehabilitation of injured bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints or limbs. The injury may have been acute or chronic. Patients often begin therapy after undergoing surgery to correct or improve their condition.

Physical therapy programs are tailored to each patient with the goals of relieving pain and restoring maximum function to the injured area. Stretching and strengthening exercises are critical to the restoration of function, and improvements can be made in strength, flexibility, mobility, coordination, posture, balance, gait, cardiopulmonary health and pain relief.

Most physical therapy programs are comprised of a variety of different activities that target the patient’s individual affected area and help restore function as quickly, comfortably and effectively as possible. At College Park Pain & Recovery, our physical therapy programs include both passive and active methods of treatment that help patients return to work and other regular activities on a timely basis.

Some of our physical therapy treatments include:

Disc Decompression
Disc decompression is used to treat injuries or other conditions affecting the lumbar and cervical spine, including herniated discs, degenerative joint disease, pinched nerves and other spinal conditions. During this treatment, nonsurgical decompression is applied to the spine to increase circulation within the discs and surrounding joints. This decompression helps relieve pain and other symptoms by enlarging the space between the discs.

Your specific treatment plan may vary and will be determined by your doctor after a thorough evaluation of your condition.

Post Surgical Rehab
Post surgical rehabilitation is perhaps the most important step in treating orthopedic conditions, as it is the step that allows patients to fully recover from their surgery and return to work and other regular activities. Aside from helping patients return to normal function and regular activities, post surgical rehabilitation also helps reduce the risk of recurring injury to the treated area and helps maintain range of motion with time.

Each patient’s rehabilitation program is customized to meet their individual needs depending on the specific problem or disease. Active communication between patient and doctor can help patients achieve the best possible results. Rehabilitation helps restore function and comfort through education, exercise, pain management, nutritional counseling, walking assistance and other treatments. At College Park Pain & Recovery, our doctors are experienced in caring for patients after all types of orthopedic surgery and can help you get back to your regular activities as soon as possible.

Other Physical Therapy Options in The Woodlands, TX
In addition to these treatment options that are commonly performed after surgery, we are proud to offer many therapeutic physical therapy treatments that can help relieve pain, increase blood flow and help patients feel better overall. Patients with arthritis, chronic pain, sports injuries, circulatory problems and other conditions can often benefit from these treatments on a regular basis.

Massage therapy involves manual techniques to relax muscles and relieve pain, as well as reducing stress and fatigue. Massage allows for the natural release of endorphins, which naturally relieve pain in the body and help the patient feel better overall. We provide therapeutic exercise programs that helps stretch, strengthen and balance the entire body.

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